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Hampton Fitness Machine Bar Rack (V-MBR)

MSRP: Call for price

Hampton’s vertical machine bar racks (V-MBR) feature small footprints, making them ideal for use in limited-space settings.  Hampton’s racks are the perfect way to organize and/or display your machine attachment bars in a clean, efficient and safe manner, getting them up off of the floor.  All racks can be custom-painted to match any color scheme; just call Fitness Gallery at 303-399-1000 to learn more.


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Hampton Fitness was founded on the idea that free weights aren’t a “necessary evil” for fitness facilities, they’re an essential part of the foundation of any gym. Hampton’s founders had years of experience in iron and steel manufacturing before entering the fitness industry with the launch of Hampton Fitness in 1996. The company’s dedicated team of fitness equipment experts is headquartered in Ventura, California, and Hampton free weight products are sold all over the country. It’s this strict attention to detail that sets Hampton products apart.

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