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MSRP: $579.00

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Work your mid and lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and abdominals with this combination hyper-extension roman chair bench. The TuffStuff CHE-340 Adjustable Hyper-Extension Bench is a great choice because of its multipurpose design, affordable price, and lifetime warranty for home use.

  • Professional Grade Construction built to last
  • Adjustable from 48º  hyper angle to full roman-chair 
  • Telescoping foot support adjustment
  • Trunk Support including cushioned pads and integrated handles
  • Built-in Handles for reverse hyper exercises
  • Lifetime Warranty for home use


Swift adjustments let you move from a hyper-extension position to a full roman chair with minimal effort. Foot and trunk supports plus built-in handles keep you in the proper position so you can focus on building muscle.


  • Adjustable from 48º  hyper angle to full roman-chair workout position
  • Telescoping foot support adjustment to accommodate various height users
  • Comfortable trunk support with built-in handles


TuffStuff Fitness International’s complete family of products embodies more than four decades of detailed research and experience that their customers can trust. When you buy a TFI product you can be assured you are getting the latest design technology in the most durable and dependable fitness equipment on the market.

Additional information

Weight90 lbs
Dimensions56 x 37 x 34 in
Home Warranty

Lifetime of equipment for original owner when used in home environment

Commercial Warranty

10 YEARS: Structural main frames, welds, cams and weight plates.
5 YEARS: Pivot bearings, pulleys, bushings, guide rods and gas shocks.
1 YEAR: Cables, linear bearings and pull-pin components.
6 MONTHS: Upholstery, finish and rubber grips.

Maximum Weight

400 lb/181 kg

Technical Specifications

2 x 3” 11-gauge oval tubular steel frames with a combination of 2 x 2” round tubing.

All welded construction conforming to Structural Welding Code-Steel Standards and Specifications.

Powder coat finish – Platinum Sparkle main frame and Cathedral Gray.

1/2” push-pull spring loaded solid steel adjustment pins with ultimate load of 9040 lbs. and 46042 psi sheer strength.

All frame bolts and nuts are 3/8” and 1/2” zinc oxide. Meets ANSI specifications.