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Why Your Workout Should Include Therapeutic Exercises

Why Your Workout Should Include Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are a necessary part of fitness that often gets overlooked. Are you a runner, weight lifter, or elliptical user? Then you definitely need to use therapeutic exercises to ensure your body remains healthy and in its best condition.

However, therapeutic exercises aren’t just for people that work out. They are also essential for people who work desk jobs or don’t live an active lifestyle because even if you aren’t regularly exercising, your muscles are still being used on a daily basis.

Therapeutic exercises are the body movements, generally prescribed by a certified physical therapist, to help you correct impairment, improve your musculoskeletal function, and maintain your body’s state of well being. They’re an important part of keeping your body in its best condition and help avoid long term issues such as spine, joint, and back pain.


Why Therapeutic Exercises Matter

There are many types of therapeutic exercises that help strengthen and keep your body in optimal condition. Before and after working out, it’s important to avoid injury by using the right workout regimens.

Therapeutic exercises include stretching, rehabilitative strengthening, and postural rebalancing. You should use each exercise for a different result. Below we will explain how each exercise can help you improve your workout and overall health.



Stretching increases the blood flow and circulation in your body. This not only results in a healthier body, but it also sends oxygen to your brain, which will help clear your mind and brighten your mood.

As a result of stretching, you will also be able to generate better balance, correct poor posture, and loosen up tight muscles. It will help you relieve stiff muscles and joints while reducing stress levels and fatigue.

Long-term results of stretching could even lead to lower blood sugar. Stretching has been proven to help keep glucose levels in check. This is great for people with diabetes and high blood sugar.


Rehabilitative Strengthening

Foam rolling is a great technique that can help with rehabilitative strengthening. It’s used to keep your fascia strong and healthy.

Fascia connects all of your muscles and surrounds your tissues, nerves, organs, and body structures. Fascia can become unhealthy when it’s overused, which occurs during injury or even every day movement. Foam rolling helps to keep fascia healthy by circulating fresh, oxygenated blood through it.

You can also diminish aches and pains, increase flexibility, enhance your range of motion, perform better, and accelerate recovery time just by incorporating foam rolling and rehabilitative strengthening into your exercise routine.


Postural Rebalancing

Through postural rebalancing, you will be able to reduce physical fatigue because you will use less energy and put less stress on the ligaments that hold your joints and spine together.

Proper alignment will also ensure you’re using your muscles in the right way. This will help you avoid arthritis, as well as back and spine issues in the future. It will also look better, making you appear more confident and attractive.

Good posture also allows you to open your airways, resulting in proper breathing techniques. This helps carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to your nervous systems, organs, and tissues, making them fully functional.


Speak with a Professional

Kelsall Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon provides both chiropractic care and massage therapy to lead patients toward a path of health and happiness. At the appropriate time, Dr. Kelsall incorporates therapeutic exercise prescriptions that include stretching, rehabilitative strengthening, and postural rebalancing. We can teach you how to properly take care of your body and give it what it deserves.

If you’re ready to take your body to the next level and ensure it’s in the best condition, then give us a call today.

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