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Why Cardio Exercise is Important - Fitness Gallery

Why Is Cardio Important?

When you’re first getting into fitness, it’s essential to learn the different types of workout routines you should practice, as well as how each will benefit you. You’ve likely heard of cardiovascular (sometimes called aerobic or cardio) workouts—running, cycling, swimming . . . anything that works out your heart and circulatory system. But just why is cardio important? We’ll explore the answer here. Cardio by Fitness Gallery

Cardio supplies your body with more oxygen.

Let’s take a look at how your body reacts to cardio: during an aerobic workout, you’re using more energy to keep your body moving. This makes your heart work harder, pumping blood through your body more quickly. One of the benefits this consistent circulation has on your body is providing more oxygen to your muscles. Supplying more oxygen to your body simply makes it better functioning.


Cardio helps you shed pounds.

If your goal is to lose weight, cardio can be one of your very best friends. Cardiovascular workouts burn more calories than most other exercise routines (e.g., lifting weights). This, combined with a nutritional diet, can help you lose weight the healthy way. Bear in mind, though, not to overdo the cardio—three to four times per week is ideal for staying fit and shedding pounds.


Cardio lowers your resting heart rate.

Again, as your body works harder, your heart pumps more blood more quickly. Over time, this will last beyond your workout session—a consistent cardio routine will train your heart to become overall better at pumping blood. This makes for a lower resting heart rate, meaning that everyday tasks (and your workout!) will take less effort from your heart and actually feel easier. You’ll have more energy throughout your day!


Cardio helps prevent heart disease.

All that blood-pumping does wonders for your heart’s strength—think of it as lifting weights for your most crucial muscle. As you strengthen your heart over time, you’re helping prevent heart disease in your future. Stronger hearts are less susceptible to this condition—one that has taken quite the toll on Americans in recent decades.

Similarly, the blood pumping through your veins during an aerobic workout helps clear cholesterol. This will lower your cholesterol levels and, in turn, also help prevent diseases of the heart.


Cardio reduces your stress levels.

Ever heard of “runner’s high”? Cardio of any kind—not just running—sends endorphins through your brain, which keep you feeling good and happy. Nearly everyone who approaches their cardio session reluctantly, maybe even dreadfully, could say they come away from a run or swim feeling better and happier.


So, why is cardio important?  It’s all about the heart health!

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