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Tips to Never Miss a Workout

The excitement of making and embracing New Year’s resolutions is beginning to pass. If you’re like most people, you’re already finding it tough to stick to your fitness goals. However, it’s important to remember that even if you stumble, falter, or struggle through a rough patch, you can pick yourself back up and keep going. It’s never too late to embrace a healthier lifestyle. For help, use our tips to never miss a workout.


Yoga workout tips by Fitness Gallery

Find a Workout Buddy
If you struggle with self-motivation, ask a friend to act as your workout buddy. You’re far more likely to show up for a shared workout, knowing that someone will be waiting for you. A friend may also help you push yourself during your workout, and they will enjoy the same physical benefits. This is one of our top tips to never miss a workout, because conversing with your buddy will undoubtedly make your workouts more fun. And if your friends aren’t interested in joining you for regular workouts, you could always hire a personal trainer.


Hire a Personal Trainer
The right personal trainer can create a customized workout routine that fits your schedule and goals, and he or she will likely push you to exercise more rigorously. Plus, working with a personal trainer provides excellent motivation. First, you won’t want to leave your personal trainer waiting when you’re scheduled meeting time rolls around. Second, you won’t want to lose money; if you skip a workout, you’re typically still responsible for the cost of your personal trainer’s time. Third, your personal trainer can employ some of these tips to never miss a workout to motivate you.


Schedule Your Workouts
Vague plans like “exercise three times a week” often fall through due to their lack of specificity. So at the start of each week or month, insert upcoming workouts into your calendar, specifying the time and type of workout. If your schedule lacks the flexibility for this, at least specify the type and frequency of workouts. For example, you could plan to run for 30 minutes four times a week and complete one yoga session. Then, think of your workouts as a critical piece of your schedule, not activities to push back if you aren’t able to get around to them. Finally, consider working out at the same time every day to form an unshakeable habit.


Switch Up Your Routine
If your workouts feel stale and uninteresting, switch up your routine and try something new. Not only will this make your workouts more fun, but it will also help you strengthen different muscles. This doesn’t necessarily mean switching from one activity to another. It could also mean changing your workout’s speed, location, or length. By engaging in a variety of workouts, you can prevent both muscle boredom and brain boredom.


Attach Rewards to Your Workouts
If you’re still struggling to complete your scheduled workouts, try rewarding yourself each time you achieve your goals. For example, you could try one of the following techniques:

  • Only allow yourself to watch a specific TV show while running/cycling
  • Only allow yourself to listen to a favorite podcast while exercising
  • Give a trusted friend $100 and tell them to only give it back if you achieve your goal
  • Buy yourself a special gift when you achieve your goal (a video game, a book, new shoes)
  • Treat yourself to a massage after a month of rigorous workouts
  • Place a dollar in a jar every time you work out, then use it for something fun


Join a Class or Group
Several benefits result from joining a class or group. As we discussed above, surrounding yourself with other people is a natural motivation tool. Workout classes and groups can also add structure to your workouts, which is especially helpful for beginners. Plus, by signing up for a variety of classes, you can explore different types of workouts to locate the one that you like best.


Purchase Home Fitness Equipment
If you keep fitness equipment in your home, you can’t blame a missed workout on the weather or the gym. One piece of cardio equipment and several accessories will keep you busy and allow you to adjust your routine from day to day.

Whether you’re looking for a treadmill, an exercise bike, an elliptical machine, or strength-training equipment, Fitness Gallery is here to help. We handpick each piece of fitness equipment sold in our stores, so you know that you’re getting high-quality products at a great value. Plus, we have top-of-the-line used equipment for those on a budget. To learn more, please stop by our showrooms in Denver (CO) or Highlands Ranch (CO). Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect equipment for your fitness goals.

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