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Strength Training Benefits by Fitness Gallery

Importance of Strength Training

Everyone knows that cardio burns calories, strengthens your heart, and can help you lose weight. However, many people overlook the importance of strength training, assuming it’s only necessary for those who want to “bulk up.” In fact, strength training should be a key component of everyone’s fitness routine, whether you’re young or old, male or female. Scroll down to learn about the many benefits of strength training. Strength Training with Free Weights

Strength training can protect your bone health.

Did you know that after puberty, you lose about 1% of your bone and muscle strength each year? To prevent and reverse this loss, focus on strength training. It will fortify your connective tissues, increase your bone density, and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Because of this, although we don’t often think of older adults lifting weights, strength training is crucial for the elderly. So as you move toward your sunset years, don’t slack off when it comes to strength training.


Strength training can help you build muscle.

Who wouldn’t like to be a bit stronger and leaner? If you want to build muscle, strength training is integral. You can target different areas of the body or work toward an overall increase in strength. An increase in muscle mass will make it easier for you to complete everyday activities, and you’ll certainly enjoy the aesthetics that come along with a toned body. Additionally, a boost in muscle mass will lessen the feelings of weakness and fatigue that often plague older adults.


Strength training can help you maintain weight loss.

Although cardio is the most crucial component of any weight loss fitness regimen, strength training can help you burn more calories and keep off lost weight. In fact, it can boost your metabolism by as much as 15%. With consistent strength training, you can increase the amount of calories you burn during normal daily activities and exercise. So even when you’re not working out, your muscles will eat up calories.


Strength training can improve your everyday life.

Strength training can enhance your quality of life in numerous ways, from improving your self-confidence and boosting your mood to preventing injuries and increasing your flexibility. This is especially important for older adults, as strength training can help the elderly maintain independence and reduce safety risks. It also minimizes the symptoms of chronic conditions (like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and back pain) and can reduce your risk of falling. Finally, strength training can improve your balance, better your blood-sugar control, and improve your sleeping habits.


Now that you know the importance of strength training, you might wonder if you need to join a gym in order to reap the benefits. In fact, you can easily strength train at home. Consider investing in multi-functional, strength-training machines or purchasing accessories like free weights, kettle bells, and bench presses.

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