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How to stay fit during winter - Fitness Gallery

How to Stay Fit in the Winter

Although Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, most of us are still caught in the thick of winter. And no matter how you feel about the coldest season of the year, I think we can all agree that it sometimes puts a damper on our fitness goals. When snow is falling, the roads ice over, and the temperature dips below the freezing point, it’s hard to get out of bed, much less go for a run in the park. How can you stay fit when you can’t even drive to the gym? Winter may throw a wrench in your workout plans, but you shouldn’t let it turn you into a couch potato. For help, use the tips below to learn how to stay fit in the winter. Treadmill Running by Fitness Gallery

Purchase cold weather gear.

Just because the temperature has dropped, that doesn’t mean you can’t run outside. You will, however, need the right gear to ensure that you remain protected and comfortable. Layer up in warm and stretchy leggings, insulated vests, gloves with long cuffs, and hats or headbands that cover your ears. In addition, look for clothes that wick away moisture or include mesh panels for ventilation. Experts recommend that you dress for weather about 25 degrees warmer than the actual temperature to accommodate your body’s rise in temperature during the middle of your workout.

Try a winter sport.

If you live in the right area for it, consider taking up a winter sport. For example, you could try downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. Even sledding or joining a rowdy snowball fight will help you burn calories as the snow, heavy on your feet, will give your legs a great workout.

Invest in fitness DVDs.

If you enjoy workout classes, try purchasing some fitness DVDs so that you can exercise at home when the roads are perilous. There are hundreds of workout DVDs available these days, from yoga, pilates, and Zumba to Insanity and P90X. You may need to buy some accessories – a floor mat, a jump rope, weights, resistance bands, dumbbells, etc. – to get the most out of your DVD workouts.

Purchase home gym equipment.

Finally, if you’re wondering how to stay fit in the winter, consider purchasing exercise equipment for your house. No matter what Jack Frost throws at you, if you have a treadmill in the comfort of your own home, you won’t be able to make any excuses. Plus, you will be able to work out whenever you want, whether that’s before sunrise, in the dead of night, or during a blustery blizzard. By providing convenience and flexibility, your exercise equipment will help you stay healthy and active throughout the cold months of winter.

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