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The Future of Fitness – 5 Steps to Get Fit at Home

As gyms shuttered around the world, fitness enthusiasts were forced to adapt and figure out ways to maintain their workout routines at home.  Now that gyms are starting to open up, however, many people are starting to realize that they can reach their fitness goals from home just fine and that gyms aren’t really necessary.


The Future of Fitness is at Home

Working from home has a number of advantages over going to a gym. First of all, you’ll save money — investing in home exercise equipment will pay off on those monthly gym membership payments in the long run.  In addition, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, when you want.  There’ll be no more waiting around for machines, no more spending 15 minutes each way driving to the gym, and no more trying to fit a gym visit into your already busy schedule.  If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, the gym can be a bit intimidating — exercising at home allows you to get comfortable without worrying what other people think.

The future of fitness is at home, not at the gym.  Today, we’ll be going over five steps to help you get fit at home:


1. Determine Your Goals

First, figure out what your fitness goals are. Do you want to lose weight and stay fit? Do you want to build muscle and get ripped?  Perhaps you want to do both cardio and weight lifting.  It’s important to set realistic goals — losing 15 pounds a week is possible, but it’s not sustainable for most people.  Fitness is a lifestyle, not a three-week crash diet. Commit to the lifestyle and invest in equipment that will last you a lifetime.


2. Get Your Equipment

TuffStuff Half Cage Ensemble CSM-725WS - Smith SquatsOnce you have decided what your fitness goals are, get the equipment needed to reach those goals.  If you want to build muscle, you can start out by just getting a few dumbbells and a bench.  Add a barbell and some free weight plates and you’ve got just what you need.  If you want to take your strength game to the next level, invest in one of our home gym stations.  If your goal is to lose weight and you want to do cardio, get a treadmill or another cardio machine.


3. Choose a Routine

It’s important to develop a routine and stick to it.  You don’t need a gym trainer to tell you what to do; there are plenty of apps and websites that give you pre-made workout routines for building strength or losing weight, regardless of the equipment you have available.  If you want to lose weight, commit to a certain amount of cardio each week.  The most important thing is to choose one routine that works for you and keep doing it.


4. Be Consistent

One of the benefits of working from home is the ability to be consistent.  Consistency is key to both losing weight and gaining muscle.  Life can get in the way of going to the gym sometimes, but when you have all of your equipment at home, reaching your goals will be much easier.  You can wake up 10 minutes earlier to do cardio before work or set aside just 20 minutes a day right after getting back from work to do weight training.  Track your progress using a journal or notepad app.


5. Educate Yourself

Jeff Cavaliere - Get Fit At HomeWhen you are working from home, you can take the time to focus on your form.  There are plenty of YouTube videos available to help you learn the proper form to use and which educate you on eating and training right.  At a gym, you might feel rushed to complete your 12-rep goal because someone is standing over you waiting for you to finish, but at home, you have the machine all to yourself.  Take your time and learn.  Follow Jeff Cavaliere > to learn the real science behind working out.


Design Your Home Gym

Financing is available on our equipment, and all fitness machines are backed by our one-year exchange policy, so there’s no excuse.  Get fit at home.  Shop now and build your home gym today or contact us for more information.

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