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Transitioning into a Fall Fitness Routine

There’s a chill to the morning air, letting you know that fall has arrived.  It’s time to put away your bathing suits and bring your workout inside for the season.  How do you transition into a fall fitness routine?  There are several key steps to keep in mind.

Step #1: Take a Look at Your Summer Progress

It’s the end of the summer. Did you get that summer body you were hoping for?  Whether you were aiming to be bikini-ready or just looking for improvements in your overall fitness, consider how close you came to meeting your summer goals.  Evaluate both the goals you set for yourself and your progress toward them.  Did you smash your summer goals, getting your body toned and improving your overall fitness, or did you find yourself struggling to make time for your workouts every day, often skipping workouts because you had other priorities?  If you did fail to reach your summer goals, what was standing in your way?  Carefully evaluating your summer goals will help you better understand what you’re able to accomplish and how your physical state can impact your future goals.

Fall Exercise Routines - Best Equipment at Fitness Gallery


Step #2: Set Fall Goals

What do you want to accomplish this fall?  During the fall and winter months, there’s a substantial increase in the amount of eating that accompanies many holidays and events.  From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pie, there are plenty of chances to overindulge.  Is your goal to simply make it through the season without gaining weight, or do you have specific fitness goals that you want to reach?  This might include increasing the weight that you’re able to lift, scraping a few more seconds off of your mile time, or a more substantial goal, like being able to train for a half marathon, a full marathon, or another type of competition.

As you’re setting your fall goals, keep in mind that you will need to be able to complete many of those activities inside, rather than outside.  As temperatures fall and weather changes, you may need to alter your workout routine.

Step #3: Buy the Right Equipment

The right equipment can make a big difference, and help you meet your fall workout goals.  Home gym equipment can transform your ability to work out during the cooler fall months.  Picking up a treadmill or elliptical will allow you to maintain cardio conditioning even when your usual outdoor run is impossible due to bad weather.  If you’ve been doing high-intensity exercises, consider a WaterRower.  There are plenty of equipment options to choose from, so make sure you choose the one that’s right for you!  The right equipment will:

  • Offer a great warranty and stellar customer service that will make it easy to deal with any problems that might arise
  • Provide you with the type of workout that will help you move toward your goals: for example, if you’ve been running outside all summer, a treadmill with an orthopedic belt will help continue running safely indoors.
  • Give you the flexibility to complete the types of workouts you need most.  Cardio equipment will get your heart pumping, while strength equipment and free weights will allow you to build muscle.  Make sure you have both if you need them.

Whether you got swimsuit ready for summer or not, fall is now here, and that means it is time to adjust your workout routine accordingly.  If you have more questions about how to effectively transform your workout routine, contact us.  We’ll help you decide what equipment you need, how it fits into your routine, and what it will take to help you meet those important exercise goals and transform your body once and for all.

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