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TuffStuff Fitness Strength Equipment at Fitness Gallery

Why You Should Use TuffStuff Strength Equipment

Fitness Gallery is proud to offer TuffStuff Fitness International’s strength training equipment. TuffStuff is a state of the art, USA-based full-service manufacturing facility that has made the industry’s most dependable strength equipment since 1971. Their products are not only used in home gyms, but also by some of the top Health Clubs in the world.TuffStuff Fitness International at Fitness Gallery

There are many reasons TuffStuff Fitness is the top provider for commercial and home strength equipment. TuffStuff is focused on quality, and their mission is to improve the lives of each and every one of their customers. In this post, we will cover a few of the many reasons that Fitness Gallery choses to work with TuffStuff as our preferred strength equipment manufacturer.


Benefits of TuffStuff:


1. Revolutionary Products

Lead by Ken Carter’s engineering concepts for over four decades, TuffStuff is constantly challenging the status quo and producing revolutionary strength equipment.  Their newest line of Bio-Arc equipment moves with the user to maintain ideal form while working to sculpt and tone the body through strength training exercises.

The image below shows how Bio-Arc equipment is designed to move during each repetition.  The Bio-Arc Series features nine pieces of equipment, each of which provides users a full range of motion while maintaining an optimized position for muscle activation.  Notice how the user’s entire body moves along a linear arc trajectory with the machine.


2. Easy on the Joints

All of TuffStuff’s strength equipment is built to ensure there is no hyperextension in the neck or lower back.  This is a huge problem that is common amongst other workout equipment providers.

TuffStuff spends extra time to ensure the biomechanics are correct on each and every one of their fitness lines.  This means you will get the best machines that are the best for your body, and easy on your joints.


3. Made in the USA

Since 1971, TuffStuff has offered the highest quality of equipment with full service manufacturing facility in the US.  

Headquartered in Chino, California, TuffStuff is proud of their American-made heritage, and has spent the last 47 years creating nothing but strength equipment.

TuffStuff Fitness Equipment in the White HouseNot to mention TuffStuff strength equipment was recently added to the White House fitness facility.  If it’s good enough for the White House, why not your house?


4. TuffStuff Home Lifetime Warranty

Fitness equipment manufacturers, like TuffStuff, use 11-gauge steel, aircraft-grade cables, and quality parts to produce higher quality products.  As a result, they are able to extend longer warranties than those who leverage cheaper materials.  All of TuffStuff’s residential equipment includes a HOME LIFETIME WARRANTY* covering everything to the original purchaser when used only in a HOME environment.


Get TuffStuff Strength Equipment Today!

Fitness Gallery is proud to offer a full line of TuffStuff Fitness residential and commercial strength equipment. You can stop by any of our three locations or head to our website to get yours today. If you have any questions or feedback regarding TuffStuff strength equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call Fitness Gallery at 303-399-1000.

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