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Best Exercise Bikes - Buying Guide by Fitness Gallery

Which Exercise Bike is Best for You: 2019 Buyer’s Guide

An exercise bike is a great way to get a cardio workout with less impact on your joints.  If you have been thinking about adding one to your home gym, you might find there are many choices.  Are you wondering if a Peloton really stacks up to all the hype?  Is it better to invest your money in another model?  What is the difference between upright, recumbent, and indoor cycles?  This guide has everything you need to know to make an informed decision and pick an exercise bike that is best suited for you.


Upright Exercise Bikes

TRUE Fitness ES900 Upright BikeIf you are looking for an exercise bike that is similar in feel to riding a bicycle with extra comfort, this is the model type you want to look into.  These stationary bikes have the pedals under the rider’s feet.  Your weight will be supported by the seat.  You will need to lean forward to hold the handles which will engage your core.  This is a great cardio and lower body workout.  The TRUE ES900 Upright bike is an example of a durable and comfortable upright exercise bike.  Some of its features include:

  • Ergonomic Gel Seat
  • Challenging Programs
  • TRUE’s HRC Cruise Control
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Bluetooth capable console
  • 10 Preset Workout Programs
  • Aero Bars and Arm Rests
  • Optional Touchscreen Console

TRUE’s ES900 Upright Bike helps you achieve a realistic cycling experience in home.  Most impressively, TRUE’s HRC Cruise Control feature allows you to seamlessly maintain a target heart rate.  You simply set a target heart rate, and the bike gradually increases or decreases resistance to maintain your target heart rate.  This feature operates just like cruise control in your car.


Recumbent Bikes

TRUE ES700 Recumbent Bike at Fitness GalleryRecumbent bikes recline and the pedals are in front of the rider’s feet allowing for more support for the back.  This type of exercise bike is great for rehabilitation, or anyone looking for the least amount of stress on joints.  You can expect a lower intensity workout of the three main types of stationary bikes.  The Spirit XBR55 Recumbent Bike is a very reasonably priced recumbent bike, but if you’re looking for the highest quality, see TRUE’s ES700 Recumbent Bike.  TRUE’s ES700 is manufactured with commercial-grade components for a solid, durable, and intuitive riding experience.  From the positioning of the seat adjustments to the contour of the elastic mesh seat, TRUE created a recumbent bike worthy of the TRUE name, perfect for your home gym.  Key recumbent bike features you should look for include:

  • Heart Rate Control via Contact Sensors and Wireless Monitoring
  • Touchscreen Console with Bluetooth
  • A small footprint for a space-efficient home gym
  • Elastic mesh seats for a workout that is as calorie-burning as it is comfortable
  • Thumb-operated controls on the contact heart rate handlebars to easily adjust resistance
  • Bluetooth connectivity to any of your digital devices
  • Workout programs to maintain your target heart rate


Spin Bikes or Indoor Exercise Cycles

Frequency Fitness RX150 Spin BikeIf you are looking for a more intense workout that more closely matches outdoor cycling, you will want to shop for a spin bike, also known as an indoor cycle.  These are the sweat-inducing stationary bikes designed to mimic road and mountain biking.  The handles and seat are close to the same height causing the rider to be in an aerodynamic position.  Spin bikes engage multiple muscles at once making then an efficient fat burner.  Frequency Fitness offers the RX150 Spin Bike which leverages magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet ride.  Here are some features you can expect with this one:

  • 4 Way Adjustable-Seat Height and Extender
  • Alloy handlebar-stem and seat post offer maximum stability and durability
  • High performance seat position adjustment devices with scale
  • 12 programs /16 lever console workout performance
  • Specially designed unique quick-release device for direct drive wheel
  • Direct drive system with Hutchinson Kevlar BELT
  • Ultra Strong Bottom Bracket and Fly Wheel Axle
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Assembly


Peloton Indoor Cycles

There has been a lot of hype over the Peloton brand spin bike lately.  It is true that this bike has all the bells and whistles to go with the steep price tag, but is it really worth the money?  That all depends on what you’re looking for in an exercise bike.  The Peloton has all the same feature as almost every other indoor cycle, but it comes with a monthly subscription.  Sure, you have multiple workouts to choose from, but you will need to pay $39 a month to stream the personal trainer and the workouts.

If you decide you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you will lose most of the console functionality.  Most people stream from their smartphones and tablets.  And, most of the workouts can be streamed online for free.  YouTube offers many free workout classes.  The truth is that without the subscription this model is not worth the hype.

The most important feature you want in an exercise bike is quality.  Make sure that the piece you invest in, is going to last.  It has to fit your specific needs.  Don’t get caught up in subscriptions, after all having your own gym at home is supposed to eliminate monthly dues.  Please contact Fitness Gallery for more information on high-quality exercise bikes.

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