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Exercise Accessories at Fitness Gallery

Top 10 Exercise Accessories in 2019

If you want to get fit in 2019, then it is extremely important to know all of the most important exercise accessories.  Fitness Gallery carries a huge selection of fitness products, including a variety of home gym attachments, free weights, medicine balls, BOSU balls, resistance bands and more.  Fitness accessories are a cost-effective way to start your home gym.  Easy to store, safe to use alone, and highly versatile are a few of the many benefits.


Here’s a list of our top ten exercise accessories for 2019:


Rage Fitness Resistance Bands
1. Rage Fitness Resistance Bands

Rage Fitness Resistance Bands are resistance bands that help with both stretching and actual fitness exercises. They provide the necessary resistance for a number of different exercises. The ones that we have available come in four different resistance levels. They are made of ultra-durable, crack-resistant rubber.


2. Hampton Fitness Barbell & Olympic Bar Racks

If you want your gym to be as organized and as safe as possible, then you are going to need a high-quality fitness barbell and Olympic bar rack. The Hampton Fitness Barbell & Olympic Bar Rack is one of the best racks on the market. We carry it at all of our Fitness Gallery locations.


Hampton Olympic Bumper Plates at Fitness Gallery3. Hampton Olympic Bumper Plates

Olympic bumper plates are obviously crucial for any quality gym to have. There are a wide variety of classic exercises that you just cannot do if you do not have Olympic bumper plates. Here at Fitness Gallery, we have gorgeous Hampton Olympic Bumper Plates that come in different colors and different sizes.


4. TuffStuff Evolution 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Having a great dumbbell rack makes it easier for you to find and store your dumbbells. If you have a lot of dumbbells, then it is easy to misplace them or trip over them if you don’t have a rack to keep them on. The TuffStuff Evolution 2-Tier Dumbbell rack solves this problem and allows you to store your dumbbells very safely.


5. BOSU Home Balance Trainer

BOSU Home Balance Trainer at Fitness GalleryThe BOSU Home Balance Trainer is a fantastic accessory to have in your gym because it helps you improve your balance and do exercises that work muscles in different ways to build strength and enhance mobility.  Many professional athletes use BOSU Home Balance Trainers to become faster, stronger, and more agile.


6. PowerBlock Dumbbells

PowerBlock dumbbells enable you to easily change weights for a seamless workout.  You can shift from bicep to tricep to shoulder exercises quickly and efficiently.  They save space and time.  If you are someone who is organized and who loves efficiency, then this exercise accessory is an excellent choice for you. They also will look great in your gym.


7. Hampton Fitness Machine Bar Rack at Fitness GalleryHampton Fitness Machine Bar Rack

Just as most gyms require a fitness barbell and Olympic rack, so too do most gyms require a fitness machine bar rack.  Here at Fitness Gallery, we carry the Hampton Fitness Machine Bar Rack due to its impressive quality and strength.  It is a great choice for organizing your home gym.


8. Hampton Flat Fitness Rack

This is another great accessory to make sure that you have in your gym.  The Hampton Flat Fitness Rack can store a large assortment of dumbbells.  If you prefer flat racks, then this is the storage rack for you.


Hampton Fitness Durabell Dumbbells9. Hampton Urethane Dura-Bell Dumbbells

Every great gym needs a great set of dumbbells.  Dumbbells are used in so many fitness exercises that they are just crucial to have in your gym.  The Hampton Urethane Dura-Bell Dumbbells are one of the finest dumbbell options on the market.  We sell them at all three of our Fitness Gallery locations.

10. Hampton Urethane Kettlebells

Hampton Kettlebell - Fitness Gallery

Kettlebells are an excellent addition to any home or commercial gym.  Not only do they look very cool, but they can be used in a wide variety of exercises.  If you don’t have at least one kettlebell in your gym, then you are missing out!  We sell kettlebells in many different weights: from five pounds all the way to one-hundred pounds.


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