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Home Gym Essentials

Are you someone who embraces any excuse to get out of a workout? When it’s drizzling, do you cancel your run? If the forecast predicts an inch of snow, do you skip the gym? When the sun rises after 7:00 AM and sets before 5:00 PM, do you blame the darkness (and your work schedule) for your missed bike rides? To nip those excuses in the bud and enhance your fitness routine, invest in some home gym essentials. With a few basic pieces of fitness equipment, you can transform a part of your home into a mini, ultra-convenient gym. Home Gym Essentials by Fitness Gallery

Cardio Equipment

First, you will need at least one piece of cardio equipment to strengthen your heart, burn calories, increase your endurance, reduce your blood pressure, and so much more. The treadmill is a popular, classic choice, allowing you to walk or run toward your fitness goals. But if you dislike working out on treadmills, you could also purchase an exercise bike or an elliptical machine. The bottom line: invest in a piece of cardio equipment that you enjoy using.

Strength-Training Equipment

To complement your cardio routine, select a piece of strength-training equipment to tone your muscles, strengthen your entire body, and protect against bone loss. Again, it is important to select equipment that you understand how to use and enjoy using. Popular options include an all-in-one multi-gym, an adjustable weight training bench, adjustable barbells, or a suspension resistance trainer. If your budget is limited, you could also select some of the accessories below for strength training.


Fitness accessories can round out your workout, add variety, and help you work on your balance and flexibility. As there are dozens of options available, you will need to decide which items best complement your fitness goals.

Dumbbells are perhaps the most popular fitness accessory, but you might also consider a kettlebell or medicine ball to work your entire body. An exercise mat or yoga mat can be useful even if you don’t practice yoga; the mat can also be used for stretching, ab work, pilates, planks, and more. A stability ball will improve your strength as well as your balance, and resistance bands are adjustable, versatile, and can strengthen and stretch a variety of muscles. Finally, a jump rope is an inexpensive and effective tool that you can use to warm up your muscles, fortify your heart, and burn calories.

Try starting with one piece of cardio equipment, one piece of strength-training equipment, and a few accessories. Then, when you’re ready to intensify or vary your home workout routine, invest in some additional fitness gear to complement your home gym essentials.


Whether you’re looking for a treadmill, an exercise bike, an elliptical machine, or strength-training equipment, Fitness Gallery is here to help. We handpick each piece of fitness equipment sold in our stores, so you know that you’re getting high-quality products at a great value. Plus, we have top-of-the-line used equipment for those on a budget. To learn more, please visit our online store, or stop by our showrooms in Denver (CO) or Highlands Ranch (CO). Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect equipment for your fitness goals.

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