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Top 5 Fitness Accessories to Add to Your Home Gym

Find the top five fitness accessories that will turn your home gym into the one stop spot for your workout routine. By investing in quality equipment, you can save on costly gym memberships and get everything you need in a convenient place — your home.

There are some essential accessories that should be in your gym. However, you should also choose the items that best align with your workout routine and overall goal. So whether you use a yoga mat, medicine ball, free weights, or something else, make sure it suits your needs.

Top 5 Fitness Accessories


FG BOSU ball

1. BOSU Balance Trainer

Change the way you workout at home with a BOSU balance trainer. These easy to use workout accessories can enhance your mobility, balance, strength and fitness abilities. BOSU stands for BOth Sides Up. So you can use the balance trainer either dome side down or dome side up to switch up your workout routine.

FG resistance bands2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile fitness accessories that can impact your workout. The bands come a variety of sizes to offer more or less force to your stretches and workouts. They help enhance mobility and strength training exercises for better results. You can also add them to any workout to target and strengthen each and every muscle group in your body.

FG bumper plates3. Bumper Plates

If you’re looking for a safer alternative for your barbell, then bumper plates are the right choice for you. Bumper plates are made up of a dense rubber material that coats a steel weight. They work to keep the bar and plates in place and allow you to add more plates to the bar. It’s a safer option because there’s less of an impact when you drop the bar after lifting.

FG Dumbbell Rack4. Dumbbells

If you’re looking for free weight workout equipment, then you should definitely invest in dumbbells and a dumbbell rack. They can help you build muscle, tone and lose weight all at once. You can also use them while jogging on the treadmill, lunging across the room or during other aerobic exercises to increase weight loss and technique.

FG Kettlebell5. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are great for targeting your glutes and hamstrings. They help to work every muscle in your posterior chain and offer great results. Plus you can use kettlebells for strength and conditioning training for your entire body. Whether you want to incorporate them into shoulder presses, lunges or lifts, they can change the way you workout.


Invest in Home Gym Equipment

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