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Colorado Fitness Equipment - Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide: Colorado Fitness Equipment

If you are not an expert in fitness equipment, then buying treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, dumbbells, etc., can be a little bit confusing.  This is because there are a lot of factors that go into whether or not you are getting the best deal.  Luckily, here at Fitness Gallery, we have created this Colorado fitness equipment buying guide to help you figure out how to get the best equipment at the best price.  Here is our buying guide for fitness equipment in the Denver, Colorado area.


Fitness Equipment Brands

Colorado Fitness Equipment StoreUnfortunately, not all fitness equipment is created equally.  Some fitness brands are far superior to others.  It is crucial to buy high-quality fitness equipment since you will be performing exercises with, on, or underneath the fitness equipment.  The last thing you want is for your fitness equipment to break or malfunction when you are using it.  Just imagine running full speed on a treadmill to have the treadmill break, this can be disastrous.  While most people have visited gyms with Precor and Life Fitness treadmills and ellipticals, there are a number of other high quality brands.   The following fitness brands are all reputable and trustworthy:

  • TuffStuff Fitness – all types of residential and commercial strength equipment and home gyms.
  • TRUE Fitness – highest quality treadmills, innovative ellipticals, and exercise bikes.
  • Spirit Fitness – budget friendly cardio equipment including treadmills and exercise bikes.
  • Frequency Fitness – cardio equipment focus, specializing in spin bikes.
  • Hampton Fitness – leaders in free weight equipment.
  • PowerBlock – known for extremely space-efficient dumbbells and kettlebells.

Fitness Gallery carries all of these excellent fitness equipment brands in addition to many others.


Fitness Store Location

Location is very relevant when you are shopping for fitness equipment in the Colorado area.  The reason is because fitness equipment is very large and can be difficult to haul.  So, you want to make sure that wherever you buy your fitness equipment is conveniently located in regard to your home.  In doing so, you’ll lower the cost of delivery and installation.  And any future service or warranty issues that arise, can be quickly resolved.  Fitness Gallery has three different locations in the Denver area.  One in North Denver, another in Highlands Ranch, and finally, one on South Colorado Boulevard.  If you live in the Denver area, then one of these locations is sure to be convenient for you!


Matching Your Needs  

The fitness equipment that is best for you depends on your specific fitness needs.  For example, if you are a runner, then you may want to consider a high-quality treadmill.  If you are looking to add bulk and build muscle, then you will need dumbbells, weight racks, and maybe a home gym.  You will probably also need rubber floor mats, and benches.  If you have bad knees, but still want to do cardio, then a rowing machine or an elliptical machine will probably be best for you.  Before you buy fitness equipment,  you should have clear fitness goals in mind.  Once you have your fitness goals defined, the professionals at Fitness Gallery can help you to figure out exactly which fitness equipment would be best for you.



There’s nothing more important than your health.  But before you buy fitness equipment, you should have a budget in mind. A clear budget is important, regardless of whether you are buying equipment for a home gym or a commercial gym.  Buying quality fitness equipment should never be thought of as a short-term investment.  When you create a home gym, you are investing in a healthier lifestyle.  Just as you shouldn’t expect to see dramatic results in a month or two, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest equipment, as it will probably last just as long.  Reputable fitness equipment stores offer flexible financing options.  Fitness Gallery offers 0% financing for qualified buyers.


Your Current Strength Level  

Your current strength level will, in some cases, determine which fitness equipment is best for you.  For example, if you can barely do one bicep curl with a ten-pound weight, then there is no need for you to go out and buy fifty-pound dumbbells.  If the weights are too heavy for you to lift, then they will not be much use to you.  So, make sure that you always take your current strength level into consideration prior to making a purchase.

Since most big-box department stores carry hundreds of products, it is impossible for them to have knowledgable staff on each.  For this reason, it makes sense to visit a speciality retailer when buying fitness equipment.  Speciality stores have professional fitness experts available to guide you through your options and help you make the best decision.


Visit Fitness Gallery

Fitness Gallery Showroom Denver Exercise Equipment

Investing in fitness equipment is one of the best decisions you can make.  The convenience of having a home gym can help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals.  While there are many options available, do your homework before buying Colorado fitness equipment.  It is important you know the quality fitness brands, and buy equipment that matches your needs and budget from a store nearby.  Fitness Gallery has served as the leading Colorado fitness equipment store since 1997.  Regardless of your goals and budget, we would love to help you find the best exercise equipment.  Stop by one of our three store locations (North Denver, Central Denver, Highlands Ranch) or contact us today.

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