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Best Bike Trails Near Denver - Fitness Gallery

Best Bike Trails near Denver

Spring is on its way and that means longer, warmer days are on the horizon. With that comes the urge to ditch your coat and feel the sun on your skin. Here in Denver, a lot of folks will enjoy the newfound warmth by pulling their bikes out of the garage and enjoying one of Denver’s many bike trails. But which trail should you choose? Should you stick to the city or venture out into rockier terrain? To help you decide, we here at Fitness Gallery have created a list of what we think are the best bike trails near Denver.Biking trails near Denver

Cherry Creek Bike Path

The Cherry Creek Bike Path is one of the most popular trails in Denver and for good reason; it’s meant for everyone. Whether you are a biking pro or still working on staying upright, there is a place for you on this trail. On top of that, this trail gives you a plethora of options regarding how to spend your ride. Maybe you feel like doing some window shopping in the Cherry Creek Shopping District. Maybe hanging out with some early pioneers at the Four Mile House Museum and Park tickles your fancy. Or maybe you are just looking for a great bike ride, and plan on pushing through the almost 30 miles that make up this trail. All in all, the possibilities go on almost as long as the trail does.

Bear Creek Bike Trail

Bear Creek Bike Trail makes the list for one simple reason: Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Park. This trail may start in downtown Denver, but it ends in the little town of Morrison, which just happens to be right next to the wondrous Red Rocks. And if 20 miles wasn’t quite enough to get your adrenaline pumping and the sweat pouring out of your eyeballs, the park itself offers a bike ride that makes about a six mile loop. Be sure to take a break though around sunset and enjoy that gorgeous view. Maybe take a workout selfie or two – no judgment!

The Greenway Trail

This trail makes the cut as one of the best bike trails near Denver because it not only exercises the body, but the brain as well. The Greenway Trail stretches almost 30 miles through some of the most historic parts of Denver. Thanks to the lovely folks at the Colorado Historical Society, you can now learn all about what was once Denver through informational signs spread throughout the trail. As for scenery, this trail runs through several riverside parks. Some of its more popular stops include Hudson Gardens and Confluence Park.

Deer Creek Canyon

This is not a leisurely trail. The end, mind you, is a beautiful overlook of Denver, but the trail will make you work for that view. It is a little over 10 miles, which is all uphill. The trail even has one stretch commonly known as “The Wall” or “The Wall of Shame.” Sounds foreboding right? Few have conquered this jagged uphill ride on granite and loose rock. However, if you don’t feel up for the challenge or possible injury, there is a set of stairs conveniently located to the left. If you are looking for a challenging workout that you will definitely feel in the morning, give this trail a try.

High Line Canal Trail

The High Line Canal Trail is perfect for an all-day biking excursion. The trail begins in the suburbs of Denver and follows the canal that brings water to Denver for over 70 miles. This is a great trail for those who want to get away. It passes through several towns and parks, and while it doesn’t offer any major attractions, its simplicity is its appeal. You can focus solely on biking and enjoying the outdoors.


So there you have it: the best bike trails near Denver. We may not have been able to include all the various trails (there are quite a few), but we feel confident that at least one trail on the list will be right up your alley. If not, click here to view a bike map of Denver, which will hopefully get you going down the right path.

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Happy biking!

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