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Heart Rate Controlled Workouts

Benefits of Heart Rate Controlled Workouts

Heart rate controlled workouts are on the rise because people are seeing better results after every workout. If you’ve never heard of heart rate controlled workouts, think Orangetheory, fitbits, chest straps, or pulse sensors that help you monitor your heart rate during exercise.

In order to see the best results during these workouts, you will want to find your target heart rate. Then monitor your heart rate during exercise to ensure you hit that number. This will help you burn more calories and shed any extra pounds a little faster.

Heart rate controlled workouts are so effective because you can accurately track the intensity of every workout, know your recovery levels, and find out how to train more effectively in the future to meet your goal. Plus when you exercise at your target heart rate level, you also stimulate your metabolism and gain more energy through the “afterburn,” which is when you continue burning calories after you workout.

Top 3 Benefits of Heart Rate Controlled Workouts

There are many benefits to working out according to your heart rate. Below are the top three reasons that more and more people are making the choice to use a heart monitor during their exercise sessions.

Control Your Workout

Have you ever felt like you spent hours at the gym, but aren’t seeing any results? That could be because you’re either not working out hard enough, or overexerting yourself, which can be counterproductive.

A heart rate monitor will help you take control of your workout and keep track of how hard your body is working. Rather than running on the treadmill until you feel like you can’t breath or slowly walking at a pace that won’t increase your fitness levels, you’ll be able to maintain the right speed that gets your body the best results.

Get Better Feedback

Everybody and every body is different, meaning how your body reacts to physical activity could be completely different than the person next to you at the gym. If you can track how your body is reacting to exercise, you can easily figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Monitored workouts will supply you with plenty of feedback that will show exactly how your body responds to certain workouts. This will help you find the most effective workout routine and fine tune how you exercise.

See Actual Results

In life, you are constantly bombarded with weight loss ads boasting that you will, “see faster results,” “lose 50 lbs in 5 days,” etc., etc. That’s because people want to see rapid and visible results. However, to see the best results, you don’t have to spend your money on weight loss pills, body wraps, detox teas, or the “next best thing” (that probably won’t work).  

Instead, use your heart rate monitor as your very own personal trainer. Allow the monitor to tell you when you need to step up your game or cool things down to meet your bodies needs. Then when you’re in the right zone, you’ll be able to burn more fat and calories quickly. Also you can track your progress and actually see how your body changes overtime.

TRUE Fitness Heart Rate Monitoring Equipment

TRUE Fitness has been a leader in manufacturing revolutionary exercise equipment since 1981. They offer treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes that incorporate heart rate monitors and personalized fitness programs to help you meet your desired fitness goals. Each program is designed to help you reach your specific need, no matter what is it.

  • HRC Target
    Want to meet and maintain your target heart rate during your workout? This HRC Target program lets you plug in your target heart rate before you start working out. Then the equipment will automatically adjust your speed, incline, and intensity to keep you at that rate during your workout.
  • HRC Distance
    Are you preparing for a 5K or 10K race? Use the HRC Distance program to make sure you reach your desired distance every time you workout. That way you can train your body prior to the race.
  • HRC Weight Loss
    Looking to drop a few pounds? The HRC Weight Loss program gives you the option to create personalized workout routines to help you burn fat and maintain your optimal heart rate level.
  • HRC Aerobic
    Do you want to improve your cardio fitness level? HRC Aerobic helps you achieve and maintain an optimum level of aerobic fitness.
  • HRC Interval
    Enjoy interval training? The HRC Interval program provides awesome interval workout routines that are personalized to your desired needs.

If you’re ready to change the way you workout with TRUE Fitness equipment then contact Fitness Gallery today. We’ll help you find the perfect machine for you that includes built in heart rate monitor hand grips and/or wireless chest straps so you can stay on top of your heart rate controlled workouts.

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