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TRUE Heart Rate Control

How to Find and Set your Target Heart Rate

Most of us know, the heart holds the number one position for the most critical organ in our body.  Only the brain could compete for first place when it comes to vital organs.  The heart also serves as an essential muscle.

Like all of our muscles, we need to make sure that our heart receives exercise.  Measuring our heart rate indicates the health of our heart and therefore, our total health.  The resting heart rate represents the best indication of our physical wellness.  Taking our pulse and measuring our heart rate first thing in the morning right after a good night’s sleep makes the most sense to determine the resting heart rate.


What our heart rate tells us about our health:

Since the heart represents both a remarkable muscle and a vital organ, it not only indicates our overall health but also responds negatively to particular circumstances.  Some of the variables that may affect our heart rate and heart health include the following:

  • Acute or chronic illness, especially fever
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Pain
  • Medication

A healthy resting heart rate typically measures between 50 and 100 beats per minute.  Any of the above variables may raise your resting heart rate.  Conversely, a serious athlete’s heart rate will usually measure lower than 60 beats per minute at the resting stage.


How to find and regulate your heart rate:

TRUE Target Heart Rate - Workout ZoneThose who suffer from heart disease or another related condition may possess the equipment in their homes to measure their heart rates. Most of us, though, need to find our pulse, usually at the wrist or at the neck under the year. Using a stopwatch, or a smartphone count the number of times your pulse beats during 60 full seconds.


Exercising your heart:

A healthy heart requires exercise that targets that organ explicitly.  To do that you need to achieve the target zone and stay under the maximum zone for your heart rate for at least 120 minutes a week.

Your maximum heart rate equals 220 beats a minute minus your age.  So, for example, a 60-year-old person should not allow their heart rate to go over 160 during a workout.  The target zone measures 50 to 80 percent of the maximum.  The target zone burns fat and exercises your heart.


Preparing for an ideal workout:

Before starting a heart strengthening physical workout, you will want to first make sure your heart rate measures not too far above your resting rate.

If you decide to exercise early in the morning, you should not do so on an empty stomach.  An unfueled workout will diminish muscle tissue rather than burn unwanted fat.  The pre-workout recommendation consists of about 200 calories of high protein and complex carbohydrates.  Some suggestions for your pre-work snack or light meal include:

  • A poached egg on multigrain toast
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Yogurt and fruit
  • A smoothie made with yogurt and fruit
  • A high-protein low sugar meal replacement drink


The advantages of high-quality exercise equipment to regulate your health:

Indeed, many forms of exercise will achieve the target heart rate zone.  And, these exercises, including brisk walking, jogging, running, dancing, and team sports, represent valuable and even fun forms of physical activity.

However, if you are a victim of a heart condition or possess a passion for heart health, the need to regulate and monitor your heart rate requires that you do that during your workout.  Of course, frequently taking your pulse represents a challenge during a tennis match.

Equipment designed specifically for heart rate training allows you to monitor your heart rate for your specific goal while doing other things such as listening to audiobooks or podcasts or watching television.  A high-grade piece of exercise equipment allows you to control the intensity, fine-tune the program, receive unbiased feedback, and adjust your routine accordingly.

Some of the levels or goals available on modern exercise equipment include:

  • Target heart rate
  • Distance
  • Weight loss
  • Intervals
  • Aerobics

We know that personal preference and physical limitations dictate what type of equipment serves an individual best for their heart-healthy workout. A treadmill may not represent a feasible choice for many, but most of those people could use a stationary bike.

We would love to discuss the best exercise equipment for your needs and health goals.  Some of the equipment offered includes:


TRUE Heart Rate Control:

About TRUE Fitness LogoOne of the benefits of a heart rate training regimen is consistency; something that should be desired in all workouts. With TRUE’s Heart Rate Control (HRC®) System, you will always stay within a few beats of your target heart rate while working out.  TRUE treadmills have patented the ability to automatically adjust both speed and grade to maintain that target heart rate – setting TRUE equipment apart from the competition.

If you do not feel like finding your target heart rate on your own, TRUE treadmills feature the Cruise Control button.  Simply press the button when a stress level that feels right is attained and the machine will do the rest, automatically adjusting to your selected heart rate.  Cruise Control keeps runners comfortable and motivated throughout their workout.

Of course, we recommend you discuss your needs with a healthcare professional, especially if you deal with a particular condition.  For more information on monitoring your heart rate and how exercise equipment can help, please contact us here.

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