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5 Reasons Buying a New Treadmill is Better Than a Used One

Now that most of us have started working out at home, many have set out to purchase treadmills that can be used year-round.  Seeing the price tag on used treadmills may be tempting, but the lower price tag on preowned often comes with additional costs.  Today we will be discussing the benefits of buying a new treadmill over a used one.


1. New Equipment is Clean

Anyone who uses a treadmill to walk at an incline or run for an extended period of time is bound to work up a sweat.  Sweat can fall off a person’s body and find its way all over a treadmill’s belt, buttons, screen, and any other crack and crevice.  This is a nasty thought, but one that is not far-fetched when it comes to purchasing used treadmills.  The best case scenario is that the previous user was careful to clean the treadmill thoroughly after each use, but most people don’t bother when they are in their own homes.  The same is true with treadmills that were in gyms- people may spray disinfectant and half-heartedly wipe off equipment once in a while, but that doesn’t mean the machine is truly clean.


2. Order Online without Risk

Order online - Fitness Gallery ShopOrdering online is a handy way to purchase most things in life.  Unfortunately, ordering used treadmills online without seeing them in person beforehand is risky business.  When buying a used treadmill, it is important that you check the condition of the belt, motor, incline and more.  Purchasing a used treadmill online doesn’t allow you to inspect the condition of the product you are buying, so you may be stuck with a machine with significant problems.  Additionally, you will likely be stuck with return fees on used treadmills, if you are able to return them at all.  All sales on used equipment is typically final, so be sure to read the fine print on the return policy if you decide to risk it and order a used treadmill online.

Ordering a new treadmill online doesn’t come with these same risks, and you can be sure your machine will arrive in excellent condition.  Nearly every fitness manufacturer stands behind their new treadmills with warranties that protect you in the event you receive a lemon with factory defects.


3. Get The Latest Technology

TRUE Treadmill - Apple Watch Connected WorkoutTechnology seems to update and change at the speed of light, and machines that are even a few years old lack the updated features you can find in new machines. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a person that needs all the latest bells and whistles, newer treadmills have technology that can help support your muscle and joint health as you walk or run. You could be missing out on these, and other, important features by purchasing older machines.


4. No Worries About Wear and Tear

Used gym equipment may have been sold because it wasn’t getting used much in the first place, and the owner wanted to make more room.  More often, though, used treadmills are being sold because they are being replaced by new machines themselves.  There is no way of knowing how long a used treadmill has been in a gym or a person’s basement.  There is also no way of knowing how much wear and tear it has undergone, not to mention how much sweat or damaging humidity it has been exposed to over the years.  Buying a new treadmill ensures your equipment was not subjected to past wear, tear, or other damaging factors.


5. Spend Less in the Long Run

TRUE Fitness Treadmills - Shop Fitness GalleryThe number one reason why people purchase used exercise equipment is the attractive price upfront.  Used and refurbished treadmills tend to cost significantly less than new equipment; however, this can come at a major cost down the road.  Often, used exercise equipment does not include a warranty.  If a used treadmill breaks down shortly after purchase, you will be on the hook for expensive repairs.  Whereas, new treadmills are backed by manufacturer warranties that protect you.  Learn more about the different treadmill warranties that cover the frame, parts and labor here >

Purchasing a treadmill, new or used, is a big investment, and you want to get your money’s worth by getting a machine that you can use for years before needing repairs or breaking down for good.  Despite an initial smaller price tag, buying a used treadmill could mean that you will end up having to purchase a completely new machine a few months or years down the road anyway. Save yourself the headache, and go with new treadmill in the first place!

Fitness Gallery has your back when it comes to purchasing the best treadmill for home or commercial use.  Our fitness experts can help you find the best treadmill that meets your goals, space and budget.  If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please contact us today!

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