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Treadmill Buying Guide 2018: Choosing the Right Treadmill

Those looking for the most convenient way to exercise from home should look towards purchasing a treadmill. Exercising feels like a chore to many people, but a treadmill at home allows you to skip the gym and the bad weather to easily exercise on your own time. In order to stay motivated while exercising from home, it is important to choose the treadmill that is right for you.


Owning a treadmill is an easy way to manage your weight, burn calories, and boost your cardiovascular system from home. Before making such a large purchase though, you should understand what to look for to make the investment worth buying. Treadmills are one of the most expanded categories in the fitness industry, which means there are many choices to choose from.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Treadmill:

  • Space
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • Safety
  • Price


Treadmill Space

Before purchasing a treadmill, consider the amount of space you will need to house one. Most treadmills are at least 77 inches long and 33 inches wide, and you will need to have an area large enough to place the machine. Some treadmills are easier to store because they fold up, while this design decreases length, it can reduce the treadmill’s structural integrity. Consider the brand, and seek a trusted manufacturer if you choose to go this route. Ultimately, you want to make sure you purchase a treadmill fits your space and is comfortable while in use. You will also need keep an adequate amount of space around the treadmill at all times for safety purposes.



Treadmill Features

Treadmills today come equipped with a spectrum of features ranging from heart rate control to Bluetooth-enabled consoles. The user should look at what is important to them, and focus on those things when searching for the right treadmill. There are many technology features that can both motivate and challenge the user. Some of those features include personal cooling fans, quick start functions, heart rate monitoring, and functions that allow the user to store past workouts to be used at a later time. Higher-priced treadmills feature Bluetooth capabilities, USB ports, wireless connectivity, and touch-screen technology that allows users to access training programs and entertainment options such as YouTube and Netflix.


Treadmill Warranty

With regular use, any electronic piece of equipment will need servicing. The warranty is important because it guarantees to repair or replace the pieces that have worn down over a period of time. Many treadmills come with a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as the motor, but the warranty varies for the parts and labor. You should make sure you buy a treadmill with at least a one year warranty on labor and three years of warranty for parts. A good warranty will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.


Treadmill Safety

The most important thing you should consider when buying a treadmill is safety. A safety key and a belt that starts and stops in gradual increments are the basics that every treadmill should come equipped with. Handrails and comfortable console grips should be located in a way that they are not obstructive while using. You should also be able to easily straddle the deck when standing on the side rails.


Treadmill Price

Price is important when making any purchase, especially a treadmill. Treadmills are normally a large-price purchase, but they are good investments for your physical and mental health. A quality treadmill will cost more money up front, but will have a longer life and come equipped with more features that are beneficial for the user. Investing in a pricier treadmill will get you a sturdier machine, longer parts and motor warranties, higher speeds and inclines, larger orthopedic surfaces, adjustable shock absorption, and newer technology features and programs. The extra cost will buy higher quality equipment that can stand the test of time.


Why Choose TRUE Fitness Treadmills?

TRUE Fitness is an industry leader in residential treadmills that delivers superior products, service, and support to their customers. Since 1981, TRUE has stood behind their premium cardio fitness equipment with robust warranties and a nationwide sales and service network. They offer more than 20 models to choose from with a variety of prices and features to select.


TRUE Fitness produces quality treadmills that help customers reach their health and fitness goals. When compared to other brands, TRUE Fitness comes out ahead in every category (#1 Quietness, #1 Smoothness, #1 Heart Rate Control #1 Warranty). TRUE creates treadmills like the PS800, which offers heart rate controlled workouts, 30-year motor warranty and a lifetime frame warranty, orthopedic belt, and adjustable cushioning that protects joints and bones. Their treadmills help users stay engaged for the long haul, and achieve the maximum fitness benefit from their investment in a healthier lifestyle.


When it comes to space, price, features, warranty, and safety, TRUE Fitness excels in all categories. Their treadmills vary from 74 to 84 inches long and 29 to 35 inches wide giving the user options to choose the right size for their workouts. Certain models, like the C900, contain the largest running surface in the industry enabling comfortable and safe workouts.


TRUE Fitness Heart Rate Control

TRUE leads the industry when it comes to top-of-the-line technology features.  TRUE’s patented HRC Heart Rate Control® allows users to set and maintain their target heart rate like cruise control in their car. Contact and Wireless Heart rate tracking and pre-programmed treadmill workouts are included on most models along with easy-to-use consoles. Other features include Bluetooth-enabled technology, TV tuner, tablet holder, and touch screen technology.


Many TRUE Fitness treadmills offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, paired with a 30 year warranty on the motor. They also offer up to 10 years on parts and three years on labor, which is better than other competitors in the industry. Safety is also designed into all TRUE treadmills; safety clips are standard and extended handrails and large straddle covers help make their products safer.


TRUE produces quality equipment, and it comes at a quality price. The extra cost used to purchase a TRUE Fitness treadmill includes a premium warranty; TRUE is able to offer industry-leading warranties because  their equipment is designed with quality commercial-grade parts, that hold up over time. They offer various models with different prices set for all budgets.


If you are thinking about purchasing a TRUE Fitness treadmill or would just like more information, contact Fitness Gallery today. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Fitness Gallery has remained dedicated to the art of good health, distributing the world’s finest fitness equipment since 1997. Fitness Gallery only carries products from reputable brands that deliver great value such as TRUE treadmills and ellipticals, WaterRower rowing machines, and TuffStuff home gyms to help you reach your fitness goals.

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