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Best Fitness Gifts for Mother's Day

Best Fitness Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and as usual, you need to come up with a gift for your mom.  Flowers and cards are thoughtful, but temporary.  If you are looking for unique gift idea that will last, consider a fitness gift.  From small accessories to cardio equipment and complete home gyms, there are many ways to show your love and appreciation.


A Gift That She’ll Enjoy All Year

Best Mother's Day GiftWhen you pick up flowers, they often begin to wilt within days.  A card sits on the mantle or on the table for a few days at best, then gets tucked into a drawer where she might not look at it again.  When you give the gift of fitness, you’re giving your mom a gift she can continue to enjoy throughout the year.  She might even think of you with a smile every time she uses it.


Make Mom’s Life a Little Easier

Even if you’re grown and out of the house, chances are, your mom has a busy schedule that makes it difficult for her to fit in a quality workout.  She might struggle to find time to get to the gym or even to get out to the park for a run — and you know that as your mom ages, it is more important than ever to stay in shape.  The perfect solution?  An in-home gym that will allow her to work out on her schedule, at her pace, and in the convenience of her own home.  Try some of these great fitness gift ideas:


Fitness Accessory Gift Ideas:

BOSU Home Balance Trainer at Fitness GalleryBOSU Ball:  ‘Bosu’ stand for ‘both sides up,’ because it can be used with the flat base on the floor with the dome side facing up, or as a wobble board with the dome side facing down.  It serves as a more practical and useful version of the traditional stability ball.  With a simple BOSU ball, Mom can train core strength, agility, and balance.

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells: When space is in short supply, PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells are the perfect free weight solution.  They range in weight from 4-32 lbs per hand and take up considerably less space than traditional dumbbells.  Which means Mom can get in plenty of strength-training without sacrificing a ton of space.

Rage Fitness Resistance BandsResistance Bands: When Mom needs to get in a quality bodyweight workout, resistance bands are the perfect tool to tone and strengthen almost any muscle.  Even better, they are easy to store and inexpensive: a great fitness gift with a small space profile.


Bigger Gift Ideas:

Fitness Gifts - WaterRower for Mother's DayWaterRower Natural Rowing Machine: Shoulders down, back straight, abs tight! Rowing engages 86% of musclesFound in every OrangeTheory gym, WaterRower’s popularity has exploded in recent years.  Equipped with wheels for easy transport, and weighing just 66 lbs. when dry, the WaterRower is a great way to get a full body workout without braking the bank.  Even better, the WaterRower can be stored upright so Mom won’t have to sacrifice space when not in use.

Stages SC1 Spin Bike: Spinning classes and videos have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  Invite Mom to participate without leaving the privacy of her home.  She can hop on her spin bike whenever she likes, fitting a cardio workout in at any point during her day.

TRUE Fitness M50 Elliptical available at Fitness GalleryTRUE Fitness M50 Elliptical Machine: A quality elliptical machine is a great way for Mom to train quads, glutes, and hamstrings, without putting stress on her bones and joints.  With one of the smallest elliptical footprints on the market, TRUE offers a very high quality and space-saving elliptical, perfect for any home gym.

TuffStuff VKR: Let Mom practice chin ups, dips, leg raises and ab crunches, all with the convenience of one easy machine.  TuffStuff’s VKR (Vertical Knee Raise) is a fantastic tool for body weight workouts.  Highly versatile and space-efficient, the VKR will fit in nearly any home gym.  Tip: Consider adding resistance bands for assisted exercises.

TRUE Fitness PS300 Treadmill at Fitness GalleryTRUE Fitness Performance 300 Treadmill: There is nothing quite like a treadmill for getting active.  Set to walk or run, Mom can get in a great cardio workout while monitoring her heart rate.  At a slower speed, she can exercise while watching television or reading a book.  A TRUE treadmill with an orthopedic belt is a great gift backed by a robust warranty.

Do you need help finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  Contact us today to learn more.  We carry a huge selection of quality fitness equipment that is built to stand the test of time.  So you can give Mom the gift of good health, that will serve her for years to come.

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