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COVID 19 DONT PANIC Gym Mask for working out

What Are the Benefits of Working Out At Home?

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic forced all commercial gyms to close and all group fitness classes to stop indefinitely.  We learned that staying at home is the best way to stay safe and protect others during a pandemic.  After all, commercial gyms are abnormally damp environments where sweat creates moist conditions ideal for germs, bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses.

However, the Stay-At-Home order hasn’t stopped healthy living.  Determined to stay in shape, millions of Americans have learned how to enjoy a full-body workout from the comfort their homes.  By purchasing a few dumbbells and a workout bench, or by designing an entire home gym with cardio and strength machines, Americans have adapted.  And as a result, we’ve learned there are many benefits to working out at home, this post covers a few of them:


1. The Gym Equipment Is Safe To Use

COVID-19 Gym Face Mask - Workout at HomeWorking out involves sweat and germs, which people leave on all sharable gym equipment.  Given that fighting coronavirus requires more than a towel wipe, working out at home is the best way to stay safe.  Engaging with other people in the gym when working out is also an easy way to catch flu or any other airborne illnesses.  Working out at home protects you from the risk of infection that comes with shared spaces.  You can control the number of people that have access to your gym. More importantly, you can enjoy gym equipment before strangers have access, and also ensure regular disinfection.


2. Save Time

Have you found yourself waiting in line for gym equipment?  It can be frustrating, especially if you have limited time, or had a long day at work.  With a home gym, you can access your equipment whenever you need it.  No need to lose your momentum as you watch other people push the weights.  You can also sneak in a workout at any time of the day if you have a busy schedule.


3. Home Gyms Are Convenient

Rod Smith Home Gym Workout

Take a moment to imagine how many things you need to pack before heading to the gym—a change of clothes, towels, water, headphones, and maybe a few self-care products.  After organizing everything in a gym bag, you also have to walk, drive or ride to your destination and find a suitable parking spot. All these activities can discourage you.  With a home gym, you can save time and have everything you need for your workout in one place — right at your home.


4. You Can Set Your Conditions of Comfort

Perhaps you find it stressful to visit the local gym because you need to interact with different people.  The pressure to also find the perfect workout clothes, and shoes and also contend with other people’s choice of music is undoubtedly frustrating.  Setting up your home gym means that you can organize your décor, workout in whatever clothes you wish, and play your music.  Without any distractions, you can focus on one goal- staying fit.


5. Budget-Friendly

Exercising at home means that you can save money on a gym membership.  You can also eliminate travel and parking costs and quit purchasing costly workout clothes.  Fortunately, countless online videos offer free guidance on exercising at home.  You can also find a virtual gym instructor at a lower cost, and join an online exercise community in Denver for motivation.


6. Personalize Your Home Gym

Justin Blau Home Gym - Work out at HomeYou have the freedom to purchase only the exercise equipment you need for your workout, and also decide what brands you prefer to work with.  What’s more, you can switch up your workout according to your tastes.  If you feel like trying yoga, you can move some of the equipment to the side and create adequate space for your yoga mat.  There are also no rules, which means that you can break into song and dance whenever you wish, as long as you get the exercise you need.



There are several benefits to working out at home.  By avoiding others who may be sick, you can reduce your risk of infection and forget concerns about gym equipment cleanliness.  There’s no waiting in line, a home gym provides the convenience of 24hr immediate access.  There’s nothing more important than your health.  Don’t be caught without gym equipment again.  Create your home gym and enjoy the perfect workout on your schedule.  When purchasing gym equipment, don’t settle for low quality.  With Fitness Gallery, you have access to the best gym equipment from top brands.  Contact us for guidance on exercise equipment and start working out at home today.

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